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Staying Safe When Finding New Shelter

Let’s assume your home was destroyed in a flood. All your supplies are gone, all you have is your bug-out bag and you need to evacuate to a new place. That’s one scenario. [ad_1] Another scenario is if there’s a terrorist attack...

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Evacuation Planning for Families

Emergencies can be highly unpredictable. You could be well-prepared for a crisis, but if there’s an earthquake and the house comes crumbling down, whatever food and water supplies you’ve stored will be destroyed. The structural...

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Self-Defense 101: To Fight or Not to Fight

This is a very common question that arises in many self-defense classes. Should you resist and fight off your attacker or give them what they want? During a crisis, almost always there’s an increase in crime ranging from...

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Rape Prevention During Times of Crisis

Rape is one of the most common crimes on the planet. It is a crime of opportunity and in most crisis situations, the number of rape cases always skyrockets. When law enforcement has its hands full dealing with the effects of...

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Hardcore Self-Defense: Training to Survive

Here’s the bad news – the criminals always have it easier. That’s just the way it is. During a disaster or crisis, law enforcement will be busy dealing with many other issues such as rescue efforts, etc. They’ll be short-staffed...

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